Sunday, February 3, 2008

YouTube Enters my Life!

I began my exploration of video-sharing sites by initially focusing on YouTube, because it is the most popular video-sharing service. According to an article in Time Magazine, YouTube became so popular in 2006 because it was both easy and edgy, a rare combination! I chose to get my own account so that I would have access to more videos and be able to post my own video if I was feeling really wild and crazy.

I was curious as to how YouTube began so I searched for a bit of history and came across the following video clip. I hope you enjoy it...

Because my exposure to YouTube is limited as I am in an Elementary school where YouTube is blocked, I decided to discuss with a group of teenagers their involvement with YouTube. The informal survey in an earlier blog was very enlightening! Young people use it for varying reasons but mainly to watch video clips and music clips. I observed them in my home going on YouTube individually and also sharing a particular video for fun or for entertainment. Using YouTube for educational purposes was very limited and will be discussed further on into my blog.


Arlene said...

It's hard to believe that YouTube has only been around since 2006. It seems like so much longer.

Cindy said...


It's amazing that not only has it been around for such a short while but that it was started by 3 very young guys. They really knew the market and how young people wanted to communicate. Now it is not just young people but all ages that access YouTube. How cool is that!