Monday, February 25, 2008

Podcasts in the Library!

In the article entitled, Podcasting 101 for K-12 Librarians (Computers in Libraries, April 2006)the author makes a very interesting and valid statement when discussing the reasons to use podcasts in the library. The author, Esther Eash cautions us to consider the reasons for podcasting. She goes on to say that it isn't reason enough to use it just because it is a new form of technology. According to Eash, we need to consider if podcasting is the best format for the task, whether it supports our curriculum goals and if it enhances student learning. These are all valid concerns that teachers and TLs need to address whenever they encounter new technology or new curriculum developments.

There are several legitimate reasons for using podcasts in school libraries.
Teacher librarians access podcasts to supplement research, or to get updated news and information. School library programming can be promoted through creating a podcast.You can use podcasts for book reviews, reading programs and for assessing student achievement. Student podcasts in the library that include interviews, creative writing and readings, demonstrate skills and observations about the learning process. Podcasts can be used to share library news, advertising library events like book fairs and student library club activities. Podcasts in the library can provide professional development. Professional development podcasts could include how to write a book review, copyright issues, book group discussions and bring in other professionals.

Teacher Librarians are in a unique position to be proactive in developing the use of podcasting with students and teachers to support their teaching and learning.

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