Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Tube Survey!

Before I explore You Tube I decided to do an informal survey of users. After all why not go to the source!
I interviewed nine young people ranging in age from 12 to 21. Five males and four females participated in the survey.

A summary of the results are as follows:

- main reason for going to You Tube is to watch music videos and movie/video clip
- one person likes to watch parodies on You Tube
- a couple of them like to watch highlights of sports (14 and 21 year old males)
- some of the students (age 12, 16 and 17) access YT at school for educational purposes
- two students in Junior high said their access is blocked at school
- a student in High school said that their access at school is not closely monitored
- one student sometimes accesses YT at school for entertainment
- five of the participants in the survey actually have an account, one initially thought in order to access You Tube you had to have one so signed up
- those who did not have an account, sometimes use a sibling or friend’s account so they can see more movie clips
- most were aware that YT blocks inappropriate material
- a few were aware that you can post videos
- five participants were aware that an account is free
- how frequently they accessed You Tube varied from everyday to once per week.

The above responses were based on questions that were asked of all survey participants

Additional Comments:
- feels that their school restricts access as it would be a distracter
- has a high entertainment value
- shows the number of hits a clip has
- most popular with 10-30 year old age bracket
- likes that it is free
- having own account allows you to comment on videos
- need to have an account to upload a video
- hears about something funny and can look for it
- can find older, less popular videos
- comes in multiple languages
- at one time you could watch a show in its entirety but not now due to copyright
- forbids adult material, has a Family Filter
- got started by a friend sending them the link
- can be very distracting in a good way
- plans underway to do a hand puppet show and upload it weekly
- attempts to allow only 18 years of age and up to preview movies is ineffective as anyone can click the age ID button indicating that they are supposedly old enough


Arlene said...

Hi Cindy, I love your informal YouTube survey. Very interesting. Arlene

Simon Lum said...

Interesting findings. I see most of my students go on Youtube to watch music videos or movie clips.


Linda Morgan said...

Great idea to do a survey - smart girl!

elizabeth said...

I found the results of your survey very interesting Cindy and I wonder if the biggest challenge in using video-sharing for educational purposes will be in getting students to separate the pursuit of entertainment from the pursuit of information to avoid distraction. I know the chief use of YouTube with young people I am familiar with is also for entertainment. One of the parents in my class was shocked that I used something from YouTube to supplement a lesson-an example of an adult who sees this site as simply entertainment. I suspect this may have been the spark for sites like TeacherTube. We have a new job ahead of us, leading the way to the educational potential of YouTube.