Monday, February 25, 2008

Let Me Count the Way(s of Podcasting)!

A list of ways of using Podcasts:

-sharing student work with the community
-narration of characters in literature
-vocabulary practice
-oral book report
-archiving historical events
-peer tutoring
-use on a field trip
-provide notes for absent students
-provide day plans for substitutes
-improve fluency of reading, speaking and communicating
-assessment tool
-enlist peer support for social issues
-bring experts and knowledge to students
-develop interviewing technique
-preview and or review of course material
-celebrate learning at the end of a unit

There are numerous Podcasts that we as teachers would benefit from accessing.
Here is a list of a only a few that may be of interest:

-Connect Learning Podcast (David Warlicks)
-ESL Teacher Talk
-Tech Teacher Podcast
-Music Appreciation Podcasts

In conclusion, podcasting is a very powerful tool that benfits both the learner and teacher. Students and teachers actively participate in creating and listening to info-rich podcasts.

'Podcasts are versatile, reusable, interesting and stimulating to the new generation of technology-savvy student(and teachers).'(Podcasting for Your Class,Mikat,Martinez,Jorstad, Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, May/Jun 2007.)

Long my your big jib draw! and when I am finally able to upload my podcast, you will know what the previous phrase means.


Ronda said...

Hi Cindy,

I loved reading over your suggestions for the educational uses of podcasting. Podcasts for leaving day plans for substitute teachers and communicating upcoming events for parents are excellent ideas!


Jennifer said...

This was a great collection of blogs and you should make sure to share it with others in your district.