Monday, February 25, 2008


I do believe 'the public' can now access my podcast! I am keeping my fingers crossed. Go to the following website at Podcast People, and my 'Figgy Duff' recipe should be there.

Now I just need to upload it onto my blog!
I do believe that it works now. I went to a tutorial at Blogger and listened to a video clip and adapted the directions to my podcast people site. I hope you enjoy it!

Figgy Duff


steph ippen said...

HI Cindy,
I got to the right place and could see figgy duff, but I needed a login and a password. Can you share that info? I'm dying to know more about figgy duff!
p.s. what a lot of great research you gathered on podcasting---very detailed and informative

Jim McCusker said...


Just go to

The page listed was the admin page.

Cindy said...

Hi Steph,

If you just click on the words Figgy Duff at the bottom of this post you can access my podcast.


Jennifer said...

Works great!!!! I love the recipe and will give it a try.

Val said...

Hi Cindy:
How yummy the figgy duff sounds. I love rice pudding, I'll have to give the steamed in a cloth bag version a try. Don't you love Nfld? I've been there a few times and really enjoyed it. The hospitality is tremendous.

Great stuff.