Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Wonders of Wikis!

A successful and effective wiki will have a number of characteristics unique to this social and collaborative technology as discussed in High Tech Learning: Learning Spaces: Collaborative web and wikis, 2006.
  • Good organization - makes good use of hyperlinks to connect information and ideas

  • Flexibility and structure - although structure is important, there must be opportunity to expand and look deeper into a concept or the content

  • Collaboration - people working together toward a common goal will have bigger and better results than when people work in isolation or independently, a virtual team

  • Passion and enthusiasm - need to maintain a high energy level through quality questioning

  • Evolving - in a constant state of change and neverending

  • Open editing - anyone can add or edit anything at any time, although some wikis require contributors to register

  • Unique content - identify and create something that isn't available

As wikis' use increases in popularity, what constitutes a true wiki will be up for debate. The previous list of fundamental characteristics can be a guide when creating a successful and effective wiki.

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