Sunday, March 2, 2008

Exploring Virtual Libraries

Before building a virtual library, it is advantageous to examine some exemplary virtual libraries. Here are only a few examples and a brief description of some virtual school libraries that I would recommend you explore. Just click on the school name and be taken to their virtual library.

Elementary Sites

Latimer Road Elementary

-built by a colleague in a previous class while taking EDES 545 last term-side bar with information on how to research, small picture icons can be clicked on a takes you to catalogues, books and other links

Grandview Elementary

-attractive, good animation, lots of ideas and items to explore, tree analogy and blogs on a line were interesting

McLurg Elementary

-lots of valuable information in sidebar, has a virtual tour, plenty of pictures

High School Sites

Springfield Township High School

-built by Joyce Valenza, visually appealing, links for students and teachers, click on items and words on home page, has NoodleTools(a new item for me which looks fascinating)

Chico High School

-well organized, using icons it has a list of databases and resources, sidebar has web information on student research topics, easy to navigate

The Greece Athena Media Center - Middle and High School

- this site was chosen as 'School Library Web Page of the Month' in May 2001 by the International Association of School Libraries
-navigation icons can be found on pages, explained what each represents

Another valuable virtual library that is near and dear to my heart is the Calgary Board of Education site.

Calgary Board of Education Virtual Library

This site was built in 2003 and is maintained by a variety of teachers and teacher librarians. There are 3 websites set up, Elementary, Junior High and High School. They are visually appealing and user friendly. The elementary and junior high have several icons, and words that one can click on to find various information. The high school lists the relevant information at the top of the picture. Each page allows you to 'Ask a librarian' and they get back to you as soon as they can. There are two additional tabs on the main page entitled Educators and Parents. When they are clicked on, they take you to your own page with numerous links. The CBE Virtual Library is easy to navigate and I would recommend that you take some time to explore it!

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Great list! I hope you can share this work with some of your colleagues in Calgary.